Where to go in Belgrade at night?

If you are coming to Belgrade and you are a lazy reader, it s fine, most of us are in general.

We travel a lot and we know how it is to visit a new place not knowing where to start, what to see, where to go.

It is the same with the places you have already visited, when you end up wondering what you missed the first time, what else to see…

So we compiled here all our TOP things to do in Belgrade and divided them in sections.

What to do in Belgrade at night?

Belgrade at night is a city of vivid and bright colours and it has been recognized as the capital of Europe for nightlife scene by many magazines, web pages and travel sites.

When looking for fun, you can choose among several different neighbourhoods, streets and districts of Belgrade. So, we will try to give you an idea where to go depending on the style in which you like to spend your night.

Obilicev Venac , Knez Mihailova Street and Republic Square – this is the very heart of the city and it will be the easiest to find. Many tourists stop at this one, which we find a mistake, not because it is a bad choice, but because there is so much more to see. Obilicev venac is a passage just beside Knez Mihailova Street –the main pedestrian area, and it is filled with bars and restaurants on both sides of the street. It is a very popular destination, especially in summer when the whole passage is filled with cafe gardens, chairs and people.

Republic Square is a main meeting point of Belgraders. One of the hotspots there these days is an all-glass two-storey cafe-restaurant named `Butik`. A little further down towards Kalemegdan Fortress at the end of Knez Mihailova Street there is a bar with sometimes live performances of jazz musicians called “Muha”, as well as various places in the small streets around Knez Mihailova, like`Pevac`, `Amelie` and `Supermarket`, which are all great bars worth seeing and having a drink.

Skadarlija- the bohemian quarter

Skadarlija is definitely a must-see, one of the oldest streets in Belgrade, back in old days a very popular place of gathering of intellectual elite, poets and writers. Past is everywhere in this area- in the old buildings, artists on the streets, street performers… This area has a bunch of restaurants along the way from both sides of the street, some of them being very old and famous. Gipsy music, and traditional Serbian music are played on every corner of this famous Belgrade street and in every single restaurant in this wonderful traditional part of Belgrade.


Savamala is one of the most popular places recently and it was pronounced one of Europe`s most interesting neighborhoods by the Guardian. Besides the Guardian you can read about this area on CNN and in the Wall Street journal. It all started when artists started moving into the old and uninhabited but historical and beautiful buildings. Later on, clubs with all different styles of urban sounds opened,and now this area offers a mix of underground Belgrade clubbing scene and some of the most popular bars and clubs in town like `Brankow` and `Mladost`. There is also a great club here playing electronic music called`Tranzit`. Savamala is located south of the fortress of Kalemegdan, close to the river.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley or Strahinica Bana Street got its nickname as a parody of Silicon Valley in the States, but here it refers to some other kind of silicon -you can take a lucky guess, but we can give you a tip: think boobs :D.

In the past a place of gathering of a big number of girls who had a plastic surgery, this street still remains very popular part of Belgrade nightlife scene with a bunch of bars along the way, some with live bands, most popular being ` Supermarket`, `Jimmy Woo` and `Insomnia`.

Ada Lake

Lake Ada is close to the center of Belgrade and it is an interesting spot to see when in Belgrade by night.
It has two sides and “Makis“ side is definitely the more crowded one and the right one to visit at night.
The most popular bars definitely are `Sunset`,` Red Shoes`, and `Vanilla`, which all have live performances mainly at weekends. Ada Lake is a popular destination for parties but mostly when there is nice weather outside, during the spring and summer, while in winter it can get pretty empty.

Savska bb Street

This is basically the bank of the river Sava on the New Belgrade side opposite Old Town. Along the whole bank there are floating clubs, which are world- famous and there is plenty of them,too. Some play folk music, but most of them are now playing all different styles of popular electronic sounds. The most popular ones are `Shake` n `Shake`,` Freestyler`,` Sindikat`,`20/44` … For the majority of them you need reservations, which our Stagaway team can easily arrange for you. These clubs are operating just in summer and they are closing their doors usually in October and opening in mid -May. These places are unique and truly represent Belgrade nightlife. So, if you plan to party in Belgrade you should definitely check them out.

Where to go in Belgrade at night

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