What To Do In Belgrade If You Are a Clubber

It is well known that Belgrade is one of the top cities for nightlife in Europe. So best things to do in Belgrade if you like to party is visit one of the top 10 winter or summer clubs especially with one of our amazing Belgrade tours called VIP nightlife. All the clubs in Belgrade require a table reservation in order to enter so to make sure you go and experience any club you want without waiting in huge lines in front of the club just send us a quote and we’ll do it for you.
Here are the top 10 summer and winter clubs in Belgrade:

  1.  Freestyler is a summer club which floats on the river bank and gives you the true taste of Belgrade’s top clubs. Freestyler fits around 1000 people where you can enjoy great house music with most popular local and foreign DJ’s. If you don’t know what to see in Belgrade this club should be on your list.
  2. Community is a winter club situated in the center of the city right across hotel Moskva. One of the best interior looking clubs with many famous local bands and pop stars attending. Community club can fit up to 1000 people.
  3. Mr. Stefan Braun is a winter club located close to the main train station in the office building on the 9th floor. Very energetic club with great house and rnb music, fits almost 500 people. This club has it’s own franchise in Belgrade, Kopaonik ski resort mountain in Serbia, Budva Montenegro and Ljubljana Slevenia.
  4. Sindikat is another summer floating club with an amazing atmosphere enlightened by it’s famous pop rock band which gets people jumping on their feet until early morning hours.
  5. Teatro is a winter club on three floors with a great stage of local folk bands. If you like to experience true Serbian folk music you should definitely visit this club.
  6. Lasta is a summer club opened in 2013 and quickly became one of the top clubs for great house DJ music and best fun even during the day.
  7. Dragstor Play is also a floating club on the river bank of Sava but this club is unique because it works all year long so you can experience a club on water even in the winter.
  8. Tilt is a newly opened club in 2014 and it is the winter version of Freestyler. Best house music DJ’s all attend there.
  9. 20/44 is all year around club and if you like more underground atmosphere with great deep house and trance music this is the club for you.
  10. Cinema is a winter club right in the center close to Knez Mihajlova street. Great place with Serbian live folk music which fits around 500 people.
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