Best places to visit in Belgrade when you are looking for finest cuisines

Our top 10 restaurant recommendations:

  1. Kalemegdanska terasa located on the Belgrade’s fortress offers you magnificent atmosphere and posh dining. In the summer there is a magnificent view on their terrace. Reservation is warmly suggested. You can contact us for reservations.
  2. Frida is an Argentinean restaurant located just on the shore of the river Sava by the Belgrade’s port. Frida is a very popular Belgrade’s night spot where there is always something happening, live bands, various food styles and great choice of wine will make your stay at this restaurant unforgettable.
  3. Torro is an international cuisine just beside Frida and it’s one of the Belgrade’s finest restaurants, by style, atmosphere and Chef of the house has popularity of his own.
  4. Boutique is an intertantional restaurant famous by it’s location which means you can’t miss it. Boutique restaurant is situated right on the republic square which is the meeting point for most and you can basically see big and fast movement of people.
  5. Tri Sesira is located in Skadarska street which is the bohemian quarter of Belgrade and it is the oldest street in Belgrade also known as the soul street of Belgrade. We highly recommend this restaurant if you want to try Serbian traditional cuisine and drink one of the best Rakia in Belgrade. Gypsy music around your table with an amazing positive atmosphere, simply a unique choice.
  6. Gusti Mora. It’s very hard to find good fresh sea food in Belgrade because it is far away from the sea but if you want really fresh fish from the nets of fisherman’s catchers this morning on the shores of Montenegro, send by plane straight on your plate you must visit this restaurant which is near the ada lake.
    Reservation is highly appreciated you can reserve trough stagaway. Just send us quote
  7. Top of the hub usce is a restaurant on the one of the tallest Belgrade buildings giving you a beard eye look on the streets and roofs of Belgrade, serving a great and delicious food and a decent choice of vines
  8. Goca i Renato is located on the mighty Danube river just under pancevacki bridge interesting story is that the owner is local hero. Fisherman who received keys of the city recently. He saved 15 suicide killers so far who tried to jump from this bridge… Fresh fish from the river and also Serbian cuisine. Transfer and reservation are suggested you can do it through
  9. Na cosku is a small charming very romantic restaurant located near law university and slavia square,charming little place great to come on winter, great food and lovely atmosphere
  10. Klub Knjizevnika, soak up the atmosphere at this old and very special place in Belgrade, in translation means writers club and during the years it is a place where intellectuals, poets, writers are going out in Belgrade, you can make a reservation through

Best Places To See In Belgrade – Rooftop Bars

Kalemegdanska terasa restaurant is definitely one of the places to visit in Belgrade, situated at the kalemegdan fortress which is one of the huge Belgrade attractions on top of the hill which offers you a magnificent view on New Belgrade district, bridges and rivers. Smart dress code and we suggest you this restaurant because of its a mazing cuisine and big wine assortment definitely makes this a five star restaurant. Reservation is suggested because it can get crowded so you can use our services for reservation or transfer to this restaurant.

Terazije street roof bar/restaurant Caruso is definitely one of the places to visit in Belgrade, a fine service fancy restaurant with various types of wines perfect for romantic dinner while overlooking Belgrade crowded streets from a bird eye angle. Dress code should be smart. If you want you can make a reservation /or transfer by sending us a quote.

Usce shopping mall rooftop bar is definitely one of the places to visit in Belgrade, situated on shopping mall “usce” on the last floor and it will give you a magnificent view of Belgrade rivers, buildings, streets and architecture. It is great to spend time during the day and even better when lights turn on. You can make reservation by sending us a quote.

Ski stazza alexandar roof bar is definitely one of the places to visit in Belgrade, Akexander bar is located outside the city center in the forest of “kosutnjak” near “banovo brdo” district. It is on the top of the hill in the forest and in the distance you will see glittering lights of a 2 million population city that never sleeps, bridges churches and Belgrade view like you never seen before. Ski staza offers you both Italian and Serbian specialties, basic wine card and drinks, you can come here dressed like you feel appropriate in the moment and you can make your reservation just by sending us a quote.

Mr. Stefan Braun roof top club is definitely one of the places to visit in Belgrade. It is famous Belgrade winter club located near the train station on the 9th floor of an office building,during the day un noticeable but when night comes….. Great Dj’s, thematic nights, cocktails, table dancing girls …. Till dusk to dawn … dressing depends of a thematic night and entrance fee is charged if not reserved trough us exclusively just send us a quote.

Whats roof bar club is definitely one of the places to visit in Belgrade, located in sremska street in zeleni venac district is a new fresh place. It is an underground place, looking on Belgrade roof tops and old town while dj plays his best beats.

Various choice of drinks, you can come dressed however you feel at the moment and you will not do wrong.

This is new place and meeting point of Belgrade urban crew which is worth a visit.

Send us a quote for reservation.