Top 10 Things to do in Belgrade when it’s raining or snowing

  • One of the places to visit in Belgrade while it’s raining or snowing is definitely shopping malls.
    Watch a movie, go shopping or play bowling with your friends in “USCE” shopping mall which is just on the right when you cross Brankov bridge from downtown towards New Belgrade, or you can choose little further from downtown Delta City or Mercator shopping malls which are located in the New Belgrade district. One of the Belgrade attractions concerning the shopping malls is definitely night shopping tours they organize from time to time.
  • If you are interested in more cultural stuff then places to visit in Belgrade are museums, we recommend museum of Yugoslav history or Nikola Tesla museum.
    National Museum is located in the republic square and it’s not to be missed by any chance if you are interested in archeology and history.
    Military museum is a must if you are into this thematic.
    One of the Belgrade top attractions are night museum tours.
  • One of the famous Belgrade sights is the royal white castle. Serbia was once a kingdom, Kings and Queens, glamour castles are worth a visit for sure. White castle organizes tours in Belgrade very often and for more details you can contact us.
  • You can also visit Belgrade opera or theater. For theatre we recommend national theatre just in the center of Belgrade by the republic square or Madelianum theatre in old town Zemun.
  • Serbian religion is orthodox Christian and each family celebrates a certain saint which is known as “Slava”.
    If you are interested in religion best things to do in Belgrade Serbia is to visit the following Churches:
    St Petka church on kalemgdan fortress is remarkable spiritual is considered a holly place and when is the day of Slava St.Petke thousands of people gather in front of the church
    St Marko church is located in recently renovated Tasmajdan Park, just a walking distance from the parlament building
    St Sava temple is one of the largest orthodox temples in the world (only in Russia you can find bigger) and it represents one of the Belgrade symbols. St Sava temple is definitely one of the most beautiful top Belgrade attractions.
    Near Kalemegdan fortress just downtown in Kralja Petra street there is also a very worth visit known as Belgrade’s Saborna church.
  • If you are wondering what to do in Belgrade on your free time best thing is to take a tram number 2 and go all around the city center, just hop in by the walking cross of kalemegdan and knez Mihailova Street and see Belgrade city center vibe from a muddy window of an old Czechoslovakian tram.
  • Boutique is an intertantional restaurant famous by it’s location which means you can’t miss it. Boutique restaurant is situated right on the republic square which is the meeting point for most and you can basically see big and fast movement of people.
  • Mr. Stefan Braun is a winter club located close to the main train station in the office building on the 9th floor. Very energetic club with great house and rnb music, fits almost 500 people. This club has it’s own franchise in Belgrade, Kopaonik ski resort mountain in Serbia, Budva Montenegro and Ljubljana Slevenia.
  • Terazije street roof bar/restaurant Caruso is definitely one of the places to visit in Belgrade, a fine service fancy restaurant with various types of wines perfect for romantic dinner while overlooking Belgrade crowded streets from a bird eye angle. Dress code should be smart. If you want you can make a reservation /or transfer by sending us a quote.
  • Hot mess is located on new Belgrade’s side of the city near Brankov’s Bridge and it is recognized easily because of the pool bar in the middle of the club. Also a very cool club during the day with dining options as well.