Watch out for classic tourist frauds in Belgrade

Belgrade thief’s are one of the finest in the branch, the good ones are all gone abroad and they operate mostly in Germany Austria and western European countries but the one’s who stayed also know what they are doing so be aware especially when in public transportation or paying a bill in a crowded places.

Pick pocketing is normal for all European capitals and Belgrade is not an excuse.

Some of the exchange offices will give you a wrong transaction rates so be cautious.

We kindly suggest that you double check the points on zeros when changing money and check for a course on this web site or Google before you change money to Dinars.

Average value of 100 euro is around 12 000 Dinars at the moment.

We got plenty of reports about taxi frauds in Belgrade, we kindly suggest that you use our transfer services, if not it is best for you in our opinion to pre arrange price of the driving because they can easily tune the taximeter price, we don’t suggest that you get in any fights with taxi drivers, and if they rip you off they will likely get off with it. When you do take a taxi the only safe way is to call for one over your phone first, directly to their station and please remember the taxi number they tell you over the phone so you know that is the right one when it arrives.

In Belgrade there are various taxi companies and some of them are illegal. Legal ones are the ones with TX letters on their car plates.

If using public transportation you should buy so called “Bus plus” ticket in almost any small shop and just use it on the bus, tram and trolleybus. You can also purchase a whole day ticket.