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5 Places To Be In Montenegro

Stagaway team is very proud to inform you that from this season we extended our activity to the Montenegro. That’s why we decided to choose for you 5 places to be in Montenegro. Hope you will enjoy! BEACH Hawaii beach Budva Considering the fact that Montenegrin coast offers a wild range of beautiful beaches first […]

Best places to visit in Belgrade when you are looking for finest cuisines

Our top 10 restaurant recommendations: Kalemegdanska terasa located on the Belgrade’s fortress offers you magnificent atmosphere and posh dining. In the summer there is a magnificent view on their terrace. Reservation is warmly suggested. You can contact us for reservations. Frida is an Argentinean restaurant located just on the shore of the river Sava by […]

How To Get To And What To See In Belgrade

Belgrade can be reached by bus and main bus station is located just a walking distance from the city center. Belgrade is connected by busses to most Europe cities. Here is a link where you can check availability and time of arrivals of busses coming or going from Belgrade can be reached by bus and main […]

Watch out for classic tourist frauds in Belgrade

Belgrade thief’s are one of the finest in the branch, the good ones are all gone abroad and they operate mostly in Germany Austria and western European countries but the one’s who stayed also know what they are doing so be aware especially when in public transportation or paying a bill in a crowded places. […]

Things To See In Belgrade – Floating Clubs

Floating club`s in Belgrade are one of the biggest nightlife Belgrade attractions and what makes nightlife in Belgrade so high positioned in Europe. This so called floating clubs known as “Splav’s” are mostly located on Sava river below Brankov’s bridge, around Ada lake and near Hotel Yugoslavia became symbols of Belgrade’s nightlife scene witch is […]