Travelling the world in the last seven years I was fortunate to meet some wonderfull people on my trips through Europe, South America and most of Asia. I would like to share my experiances with you.

So in every city that I travelled I constantly came across a problem not knowing anyone, sometimes it was difficult to talk and chat up girls because of the language barrier. Always got the worst service and tables in every club or restaurant I went to. I usually paid double for all the transfers and fun activities I found. Some parts of the cities I visited made me feel really unsafe….

Meantime in Belgrade which is by lonely planet, trip advisor and many more worldwide portals number one city for nightlife in Europe. My friends and now collegues became managers of top clubs in Belgrade and one of the first people who started working with inbound tourism here.

We have decided together to start working as a team to provide best possible service for all you future stags and travellers who want to have a friend and a good host waiting for you in Belgrade.